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I started banking with BOA since 1988 for my personal account and started 2002 with BOA for my Business checking acct.

I was so mad with this teller yesterday when i went to Weschester Branch in Los Angeles to deposit yesterday 1/19.

I deposited $16,000.00 to my business acct and also deposited 2 checks for the total of $4300.00 to my personal acct which draw from my Business acct.

However, this teller told me my business acct have no sufficient fund and refused to take my deposit for these 2 checks. The Manager came and taught the teller how to input into the system and deposit was accept.

This teller was upset with me may be she looks bad infront of me and her manager by not knowing what to handle. She gave me a deposit receipt back and I found out the amount only for $1300.00, I turn around asked her and explained to her i have 2 checks($1300.00 & $3000.00) for total amt of $4300.00 Then she re issued another deposit receipt to me. I look at it and found the amount only for $3000.00 and asked her again.

She was talked to me so rude saying my business have no sufficent fund, and she just passed it to another teller. Finally the Manager came back and apologized telling me she will talk to this teller's attitude. The most upset me was this teller still acts like nothing happened and no signs of admitting her mistakes and bad attitude.

I am going to close all my accounts with Bank of America because of this kind of bad service. So disappointed why BOA still have this kind of employee during this critical economy and competitive market.

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